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Jem Point of Sale

Jem Point of Sale helps restaurants, cafes, bars and takeaways to improve their ordering system with our innovative POS solutions.

Looking for Restaurant EPOS System? Read how you can choose the best one!

Point of sale management system is the best choice for your restaurant, bars, and cafes as well. Everyone wants the speedy success and efficient management in the business and POS system is the platform that can provide you success by managing the thing efficiently. You can choose a dynamic Point of sale management system for your Restaurant or a café to boost your performance of the business. If you have a POS management system for your café, then you must know that how to use this system to make your café or a restaurant more successful.



Food and inventory management


You can use the Restaurant EPOS management system to manage the food and inventory efficiently as it keeps the record of sales and purchases and keeps you updated regarding the stock of inventory at your café. In restaurants, one of the major problems is the wastage of food. There is a lot of food that goes to waste and their no proper safety measure that should be made to save the food.

And a restaurant owner has to face loss and he/she can’t do anything appropriate to deal with the wastage of food. But, something has to be done to save the food in the kitchen. Point of Sale management system manages the inventory system using its inventory tool.


Staff monitoring


You can’t manage the record of each and every employee using the manual system in which all the records have written on a register or something like that. Your staff has a huge responsibility to boost up your business and promote your café or a restaurant to the next level of success. And you have to monitor them in an efficient way so that they can perform their work in a better way.


Point of Sale management system provides you the facility of tracking and monitoring the staff and employees during their working hours. All the data from every staff member will appear on your screen and you can monitor everything using your mobile devices. You do not need to be at the specific location for the monitoring of staff as you can do this from anywhere using your mobile device even if you are offline.


An efficient way to place the order


You can use ipad Point of Sale system to deliver the order to customer efficiently. The customer does not have to wait in a queue to place the order as he/she can place the order using iPad that have the complete menu of your restaurant or café using which customer can place an order more quickly.


This improves the efficiency of your restaurant management and the customer will give positive reviews to your restaurant. There is no need to make long queues for placing an order and wasting your time and energy in it. You can order the stuff on iPad and your order will serve to you accurately and without any mixing of stuff with others.


Computerized Business Reports


Using Point of sale management system, you can generate different types of business reports that may include the record of the transactions, sales, and purchases as well. You do not have to manage the things manually because POS system provides you the facility to generate the computerized reports that will boost up the performance of your business and will lead your business to a new level of success.


You can manage many things in your restaurant or a café using point of sale management system. It provides you an opportunity to do smart work and achieve the certain level of success in your business.